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Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex
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B-Vitamins are essential for a variety of processes throughout the body including: 

• Energy production • Mood and Stress maintenance • Memory and Learning • Cell Metabolism • Immunity • Digestion 

This formula provides all 8 essential B vitamins and other derivatives that support the body in a state of deficiency. These B-vitamin components help convert dietary carbohydrates into usable energy, balance central nervous system function, and assist in the body’s regulation of hormones. Combined with a proprietary blend of all-natural substances, this B-vitamin Complex aids your body in the fight against physical, mental, and environmental stress to attain a healthy, well-balanced, lifestyle.

SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, take three (3) tablets daily. Can be taken with or without food. 

Vitamin B1 (50mg), Vitamin B2 (5mg), Vitamin B9 (200mcg), Vitamin B12 (10mcg), Vitamin B7 (50 mcg), Vitamin B5 (50mg), Vitamin C (60mg), Proprietary Blend (835 mg) including Garlic Powder, Quercetin, Curcumin, Echinacea, and Capsaicin

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Vitamin B Complex
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